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Take advantage of the infinite benefits of cloud computing. For 12+ years Classmethod has helped businesses run faster by integrating, developing, and enhancing their cloud and data infrastructures. With us, you benefit from quality, and professional cloud solution assistance - coordinated by a team of Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified experts.



What we can do for you

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  • Classmethod (Europe) GmbH is a branch of Classmethod Inc. - one of the largest cloud integrators in Japan.
  • Our professional team of Certified Amazon Web Services Experts and engineers will work with you to properly assess which AWS products best fit the need(s) of your company, or business.
  • Our goal is to make the process of data optimization as easy and seamless as possible.
  • We work efficiently and securely in order to provide your company, or business with suitable AWS cloud solutions at an affordable price.



Use Cases


Muji - CloudFront

Muji is a global retail company that sells household goods. They have websites in several languages, as well as retail stores in quite a few different countries.. Read more

Sushiro - Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis helps you collect, process and analyse data that is being streamed in real-time. Read more




complete migration of data onto AWS cloud platforms

Cloud Migration

Secure migration of big data onto trusted AWS cloud platforms

maximum affordability/consultation in optimum cloud technology pricing

Cost Efficiency

Consultation in cost-effective solutions

secure management of data by AWS Certified Experts


Management of stored data by Certified AWS Experts




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